Saturday, September 29, 2012

Update greatly needed!!

Update greatly needed! It certainly has been awhile...
Time flies when you busy I guess.
I will go take some pictures and gt busy blogging!
Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A few new pics of our JUNK for JMUG!!

This little trunk would be a perfect match for junkin. All the right elements! Rusty, vintage and a bent axle!! But it's too small! It would add charm to any collection or room.

I have wanted to make one of these ever since I saw others making lamps from different items. This is my first and I plan to make more funky lamps!This lamp is made from an old Thermos. It has a pull chain light fixture. I am making a different shade for this out of the bag it came in. You know... the red plaid bag! What fun!

This photo holder has lots of charm... made from an old umbrella and a glass lamp shade base... it will hold alot of your pictures with style. You can change it up for each season or leave as is. It works! And we have different ones to choose from, so stop by JMUG and take a look!
This old phone we found at an estate sale. We quickly bought it. The previous owner had turned it into a lamp. Super cool! But there is a suprise to this lamp that just made us laugh! (I'm not telling! You have to check it out at JMUG!)
Have a great day..
Do some junkin'!
Have fun today!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busy gettin gready for JMUG!!! (Junk Market Under Glass)

Super busy getting ready for JMUG, trying to complete my online transcription course, and get all the garden work done! This is prime time for the garden, been doing alot of canning, freezing, and eating! Love this time of year. Cucumbers and onions,,, YUMMM!

A BIG thanks fo Mother Nature for giving us a break with the heat! Our shop in in the shed without air-conditioning. The fans do wonders but cooler weather really helps!

Dorothy and I have been cleaning, scraping, painting and building like crazy. Which leaves not much time for blogging but I will TRY to update every other day.

To the left is a junk locker, painted in bright lime green with black dots. Fun for the toys or blankets. It is approximately 18 x 18 x 36 inches big. We have also painted a 3-drawer mini dresser to match.

Next to the left is a small chalk board that can go anywhere as
it is about 6 x 10... and ready to take down your junkin' notes.

We have made several of these small funky frames.
Some with chalk board and some without.

Junkin Friends.... It's a junkin thing...

Also signs of the same to hang anywhere and everywhere for
your friends or loved ones that don't understand!

Here are some of the flowers we will be bringing.

Add them to your desk, office or the kitchen sink.

Made from old buttons and wire.

And to end today's post, here is a pic to get you started in knowing what smalls we will be bringing....
Have a wonderful day.
Do some junkin!
And see you in September!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Journals.... having fun

Having fun creating journals from old books. If you would like one personalized email me at . I can ship it or bring it to Vintage Treasures Market in Fountain, MN on June 17-18. They have at least 50 pages inside. Plain or lined paper.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Keeping busy

Junk Jubilee was a hit! On to working on the next show. I will be at Vintage Treasures Market in Fountain, MN on June 17-18! Here's a photo of a few of the items I have ready to go along with the great lockers I found... they are coming with me also!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Button flowers

Today I had fun junkin with two special friends and saw flowers made of wire and buttons. Loved them, so I had to make my own! I will have them available for others at my next Junkin Show. I believe that will be Memorial Day Weekend. I will let you know more when it gets closer. Become a follower to be sure to get my updates and see what new things I create. Thanks for reading! Have fun today!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Junkin Weekend!

A very fun 3 day junkin weekend! Inspiration.....

Friday, we started out at West End Architure, then onto Found Things in the East Village. I love this store, the owner is such a wonderful lady who is so friendly and you know when you leave that she is totally enjoying her job. We stopped to eat lunch as we needed to take a break from all the stairs. Then we went to the Majestic Lion on 2nd Ave where we found our first purchases. A great day of finds!

Saturday, we spent the day in Winterset. We started out at an auction that was WAY out of our league! Old time jugs going for as much as $1,000 is not what we were looking for! On to the square! We parked and walked around the square and stopped by every shop. It was awesome. Two junk stores, two Art stores, lunch at the Copper Cow and then on to two antique shops. We found several items to come home with us! I was on the search for printer drawers and came home with 3 of them... I already have one transformation started. I will be posting it's progress. Love to go junkin'!

Today we are headed back to Des Moines for some mall shopping and of course we will be stopping at Barnes and Noble for a new magazine. Also Lowes for some important junkin supplies; hooks, paint, wax, and brushes.

Have a wonderful day and I will be sharing pics next time.